The Science of Voice and Speech

VASTA Journal, Associate Editor, Singing, 2013

[Y]our excellent body of work over the last several issues will stand as a testament to your clarity of thought and your ability to get interesting ideas and people in print.

Jeff Morrison, Editor-in-Chief, VASTA Journal

A World of Voice

VASTA Journal, Associate Editor, Singing, 2011


by Susanne Rosenberg, J. Melton, ed. English edition. Stockholm: Udda Toner, 2010

Thank's to the professional editing by Joan Melton, PhD, we have been able to publish our book about KULNING in English (www.uddatoner.com). Joan not only used her excellent skills in proof reading and editing in the English language, but also contributed with her great knowledge of the voice and its specific expression, so that the book has become a better one than it was before!

Susanne Rosenberg, author of Kulning

Can Anybody Sing?

by Amanda Colliver, J. Melton, ed. Singapore, 2012

I have long been an admirer of Joan Melton, so when she agreed to edit my first book I was elated. Always willing to 'go the extra mile,' the editing was precise, professional, and amazingly efficient. Her feedback throughout the process was honest, constructive, and in many cases, enlightening, which I believe, has contributed significantly to the successful completion of my book. A great lady!

Amanda Colliver, vocal coach, performer, writer